More CCA Convention Chiropractic Photos from San Diego

June 7th, 2013

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

OK California Chiropractors, I promised more photos from the 2013 CCA convention in San Diego and here they are. I posted a brief recap of the conference the day I returned home, posted news about joining the CCA evolution of chiropractic in California on Tuesday, and posted more photos from the event on Wednesday. It’s been a busy week.

California Chiropractor Brian StenzlerCalifornia Chiropractor Brian Stenzler in San Diego

Dr. Brian Stenzler has been extremely active in the state of California, both as a chiropractor, and in a leadership role at the CCA. He is a past president of the CCA San Diego and currently sits on the executive board for the California Chiropractic Association. Dr. Brian is a 1998 graduate of Life University in Marietta Georgia. He currently practices in Del Mar and Pacific Beach California.

Chiropractor Patrick GentempoChiropractor Patrick Gentempo

Dr. Patrick Gentempo was one of the chiropractors I had been listening to during my daily commute to chiropractic school in the 1990s. Sitting in traffic an hour each way provided an opportunity to listen to Dr. Patrick and Dr. Christopher Kent talk to me about chiropractic (via way of audio cassettes). Just yesterday I posted a photograph of Dr. Kent and how he would have likely looked at Palmer in 1973. I am incredibly grateful for the chiropractors I’ve had in my life since the very beginning of my journey.

California Chiropractor Grace SynCalifornia Chiropractor Grace Syn with goodies for vendors

The annual CCA convention features free continuing education for chiropractors that are members of the organization. As everyone knows, continuing education isn’t actually free, it is subsidized by the vendors who sponsor the conference. In the above photo Dr. Grace Syn is carting out a whole bunch of goodies to be shared with conference vendors. I myself purchased two cases of protein bars while at the event, that were sent second day air to my office, great to have in our refrigerator so I can not be hungry and focus on adjusting patients.

North Hollywood Chiropractor Michael BlumNorth Hollywood Chiropractor Michael Blum

I was really glad to see North Hollywood chiropractor Dr. Michael Blum was in attendance. I had heard that a former employee of another chiropractor had recently started going to Dr. Blum’s office and she was raving about the care and attention she was receiving. Nice to share that with your colleagues when you see them. I feel confident Dr. Blum will provide great chiropractic care if there is anyone you want to send his way.

California Chiropractor Leslie HewittCalifornia Chiropractor Leslie Hewitt speaking at CCA

Danville chiropractor Leslie Hewitt has also been very active with the California Chiropractic Association. She’s the current leadership behind the CCA Conventions & Seminars Department, and she’s already at work planning the extravaganza for 2014 in San Diego. I’ve been really impressed with the continual improvement of CCA events during the past few years. Thanks to the chiropractors that have committed much time and energy to the mission, chiropractic in California is on the move.

Michael McLean of International Chiropractors AssociationMichael McLean – President of the International Chiropractors Association

For those of us that have been involved in the International Chiropractors Association in the state of California (I was a SICA president during my days at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles), it’s terrific to see ICA leadership attending a CCA event. That is huge for the state of California and says a lot about the direction we are moving in. Congratulations to Dr. Michael Mclean on his recent nomination to the position of president of the ICA.

Time to get back to the office and rock this Friday afternoon. Wherever you are, hope you’re having a fantastic day. I plan to see you at a chiropractic conference sometime soon.

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Great Opportunities for Chiropractors Wanting to Practice

June 7th, 2013
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There are many great opportunities for chiropractors seeking to practice chiropractic throughout the globe. One of the benefits I have at Planet Chiropractic is the opportunity to see what types of advertisements are being posted to our chiropractic classifieds multiple times per day. Yesterday it was my turn to approve current advertisements and I smiled when I saw 2 posted at nearly the exact same time. I took a screenshot.

experienced excited chiropractor classified
experienced excited chiropractor classified

Chiropractic classified advertisements numbered 42352 and 42353 had appeared on the screen. Both ads were for successful chiropractic practices and both classifieds were placed by chiropractors I know well. The first was posted by Dr. Dan Ribley, a passionate chiropractor that I first met back in the 1990s when we were both taking the national boards. Dr. Ribley is looking for an experienced excited chiropractor that is ready to adjust lots of people at a great office.

Here's the body of the listing from his Woodstock Georgia office...

Ready to adjust lots of people at a great office. We are looking to help change peoples lives and would like you to be a part of that. Positive uplifting practice to work in get mentored from a doctor who has seen as many as 1000 a week who has started a new practice and is looking for the right doctor to work with him. Only mission minded people call who have big dreams, who wants to do what they went to school for... change peoples lives we need that now more then ever in todays world. Must be a great confident adjuster with a great work ethic and attitude.

I am on the mission as well, serving people chiropractic in Los Angeles, so his ad really resonated with me. A fortunate chiropractor is going to have their life changed while changing the lives of others and I look forward to hearing your story when we meet.

Posted at nearly the exact same time, was a position opportunity for an associate Doctor of Chiropractic to work with Dr. Brian Wikoff. I also met Dr. Brian way back when I was a chiropractic student in the 1990s, Planet Chiropractic was in its early beginnings at that time and we didn't yet offer classified ads (that came in 1999). Dr. Brian has been passionate about chiropractic since the day I first met him and he runs a successful family chiropractic practice in Santa Ana California.

These are only two chiropractor selected from numerous ads that get posted daily, and while I may be biased, I feel there is tremendous opportunity for chiropractors to connect with others and move forward with great success.

In 1998 I posted the following on the Planet Chiropractic about page... Planet Chiropractic was launched with the intent of connecting more chiropractors with their colleagues and to increase awareness and involvement in the worldwide chiropractic community.

Here's to getting connected and staying connected!

1970s Themed Banquet Party at Sherman Chiropractic Lyceum

June 7th, 2013

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

After the presidential investiture of Dr. Edwin Cordero was over, and after Sherman Lyceum 2013 was complete, it was time for people to let down their hair and celebrate. In honor of the founding decade of Sherman College of Chiropractic, on Saturday night a 1970s themed banquet was held at the downtown Spartanburg Marriott on Church Street. Here’s a set of photos I took while at that event.

Peter Kevorkian - Tom Gelardi - Liam SchubelDrs. Peter Kevorkian – Tom Gelardi – Liam Schubel

From left to right we have Drs. Peter Kevorkian, Tom Gelardi, and Liam Schubel. Dr. Tom Gelardi is the founder of Sherman Chiropractic College, and Drs. Peter Kevorkian and Liam Schubel are on the Board of Trustees. These are visionary chiropractors, and it’s great to see they can have some fun.

Debbie and Dr. Ed CorderoCool Cats – Debbie and Dr. Ed Cordero

Speaking of having some fun, this photo features the coolest cats on the planet (especially on Planet Chiropractic), Debbie Cordero and Sherman President Dr. Ed Cordero. These two have amazing energy and they are a blast to hang out with, I’m already looking forward to Lyceum 2014.

Susan Schofield - Fred Schofield - Irene Gold

Here’s three people that have had a profound impact on my life. From left to right we have Susan Schofield, Dr. Fred Schofield, and Irene Gold. This photo pretty much sums up success in chiropractic. Irene Gold can teach you everything there is to know about passing national boards (she’s helped thousands of chiropractors). Susan Schofield can teach you about running a successful high volume love-centered chiropractic office (she’s also helped thousands of chiropractors). Dr. Fred can teach you to calm that monkey mind of yours and remain focused on serving patients (he has helped thousands of chiropractors do so).

1973 version of Christopher Kent1973 version of Christopher Kent

When I was a chiropractic student sitting in Los Angeles traffic in the 1990s, I used to listen to cassette tapes (remember those?) of Dr. Christopher Kent and Dr. Patrick Gentempo doing interviews with chiropractors from around the world. I remember Dr. Kent once talking about how he had long hair when he attended Palmer College of Chiropractic and that he was quite the rebel. After taking this photo I thought this is probably what Dr. Kent looked like when he went to chiropractic college. Groovy!

chiropractors having fun at partyChiropractors having fun at 1970s Lyceum Party

I don’t know how popular Viking horns were in the 1970s, but along with the large black wigs (must have been a sale in downtown Spartenburg), I saw them several times at the party. In case you are wondering, people really had a lot of fun (that should be obvious from the pics). Having attended many chiropractic conferences throughout the years I have found events like this are great for freeing the mind and letting go into the future.

Drs. Patti Giuliano and Peter KevorkianDrs. Patti Giuliano and Peter Kevorkian

Drs. Patti Giuliano and Peter Kevorkian are two amazing people. I believe I first met them at a New Beginnings in New Jersey many years ago. They are full of life and always a pleasure to be around. Their energy is magnetic. I took a photo earlier in the day of Patti during the Lunch on the Lawn event, along with a group of women that gathered for the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW). Fun wasn’t only had at the banquet, it was 4 days of fun during my time in South Carolina.

3 Divas3 Divas

I didn’t get the names of these 3 ladies but they looked fabulous. Such great enthusiasm from students, faculty, administrators, board members, and the president. I’m thankful I was invited to attend.

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No Chiropractic Schools in Los Angeles

June 6th, 2013
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

What chiropractic schools are in Los Angeles? That is a question patients in my office frequently ask. They also want to know where I went to chiropractic school, how much it costs, and how long will it take to graduate. For those that are truly interested, I share as much information as I can to help them find a chiropractic school that is right for them. There are numerous factors to consider when choosing a chiropractic school, I've covered that in several previous posts, and I will share several links below. First I want to address the question of Los Angeles and chiropractic schools, let's begin with a bit of local chiropractic history.

Currently, in the year 2013, there are no chiropractic schools located in the city of Los Angeles. That was not always the case. In fact, in the early 1900s (about 100 years ago) Downtown Los Angeles was a mecca for chiropractic education. While Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa was the first chiropractic college (often referred to as the Fountainhead), Los Angeles experienced a boom in chiropractic education early on. Take a look at this newspaper clipping from a 1921 Los Angeles Times.

Study Chiropractic in Los Angeles
Study Chiropractic - Los Angeles Chiropractic College

The newspaper clipping shows 4 advertisements, one for a chiropractor practicing in downtown Los Angeles on Broadway Street, and the other 3 were for local chiropractic colleges and schools. Eclectic College of Chiropractic was on Hill Street in downtown Los Angeles, Ratledge System of Chiropractic Schools (aka Ratledge Chiropractic College) was in the Pacific Electric building in downtown Los Angeles, and Los Angeles Chiropractic College was located on South Hill St. in downtown Los Angeles.

At the time that these schools were bustling, Los Angeles featured the largest electric railway system in the world. Pacific Electric (which had a chiropractic school inside the terminal building), operated a Red Car railway that was centered in downtown Los Angeles. In 1921 a person could travel by rail to attend chiropractic school in Los Angeles from locations such as Burbank, San Bernardino, Santa Monica, and even as far away as Newport Beach. The reality is that today people are not getting around Los Angeles with the ease that they could in those times. Being that chiropractic school requires a physical presence (students work hands on), the best chiropractic colleges are going to be in locations that feature ease of transportation, plenty of parking, and nearby affordable housing.

I mentioned that students work hands-on while attending chiropractic school so don't expect to be attending online chiropractic schools anytime soon. In all likelihood, we are moving in the direction of increased online education, especially for prerequisite courses, but coursework such as palpation and spinal adjusting (as well as laboratory work) will require human presence. I sat in loads of traffic going to and from chiropractic school each day (in Los Angeles) and it wasn't fun. In my opinion it's better for everyone that the majority of current chiropractic schools are not located in major metros.

One of the schools shown in the advertisement above (Los Angeles Chiropractic College) still exists today. The school is now known as Southern California University of Health Sciences (formerly LACC) and it's located in Whittier, California. Whittier is a city in Los Angeles County, so for locals that's as close as we are going to get to the city of LA.

If you live in Los Angeles and you are seeking to attend chiropractic school, expect to travel and research at least a few schools, and then expect to move. My recommendation to everyone that asks me about attending chiropractic school is to visit at least four different campuses. Chiropractic education is a significant investment, so invest the time in selecting the right school. Personally, I would visit the campuses of Life University in Marietta Georgia, Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg South Carolina, Palmer College of Chiropracticc in Davenport Iowa, and Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward California.

That's not to say one won't become a great chiropractor attending a chiropractic school not mentioned, I am sharing what I know based on my experiences of visiting those campuses, meeting instructors, meeting current & former students, and knowing current leadership. We have several terrific leaders in chiropractic education today, and from what I have experienced, it's a great time to be a chiropractor.

Are those chiropractic schools accredited? As far as I know, all of the chiropractic schools in the United States currently have accreditation with the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE). While accreditation is important, I know some spectacular chiropractors that graduated from non-accredited chiropractic institutions. Throughout the years I have noticed that too often chiropractic students focus on fear versus setting goals for the future, make sure you're in the latter category, and develop plans to be a successful chiropractor.

Here are 6 articles I pulled from previous news archives related to chiropractic education. They may be of value for you to read.

Question Regarding Chiropractic Colleges
Considering Going to Chiropractic College
Can You offer Advice about Chiropractic Schools?
Things you may consider when choosing a chiropractic school
Chiropractic as a Mid Life Career Change
Did your Chiropractic College experience Suck?

I'm into my 18th year in chiropractic and I can honestly say I'm more excited today than I was in 1995, and if you knew me in 1995, I was seriously excited about becoming a chiropractor.

Photos from California Chiropractic Association Expo 2013

June 5th, 2013

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

As I typically do when attending chiropractic conferences, I shot plenty of photography during the 2013 California Chiropractic Association Convention & Expo, I’ll be sharing several photos from that event in this post. Expect to see more images in a follow-up CCA conference post.

I also posted news today on Planet Chiropractic regarding Joining the CCA Evolution of Chiropractic in California, so check that out if you haven’t done so already. As I’ve mentioned many times in other posts, I really enjoy attending continuing education events in my own state, and I am thankful the CCA has stepped it up and began providing subluxation-centered chiropractic education in the state of California. Check out these photos from the conference.

2013 CCA California ChiropractorsCCA California Chiropractors

This was one of the first photographs I took on Saturday morning (day two) at the CCA convention. From left to right we have chiropractors Bart Conn, Brian Stenzler, Matt Hubbard, Leslie Hewitt, Grace Syn, and Leo Meltvedt. Notice all the chiropractors are smiling and it’s only eight o’clock in the morning on a Saturday. My guess is they are all enthusiastic about what’s taking place with chiropractic in the state of California.

Dr. Matt Hubbard, with Kent Greenawalt, and Dr. Leslie HewittDr. Matt Hubbard, with Kent Greenawalt, and Dr. Leslie Hewitt on stage during the CCA Expo

Dr. Matt Hubbard (photographed on the left) is the current president of the California Chiropractic Association, he and I would both agree that it’s time you join the CCA. Kent Greenawalt is the president and CEO of Foot Levelers, a company that has made a significant impact in the chiropractic profession. He has received numerous awards from various chiropractic colleges and organizations. Foot Levelers sponsorship is one of the reasons chiropractor CCA members in California can get free continuing education at the annual CCA Expo. Dr. Leslie Hewitt is a California chiropractor and current Chair of CCA Conventions, we are both looking forward to your attendance (don’t forget to bring a friend) at the 2014 CCA convention in San Diego.

California Chiropractor Edward RodgersCalifornia Chiropractor Edward Rodgers

Here’s a photograph of longtime CCA member and California chiropractor Dr. Edward Rodgers. His son Aaron Rodgers plays football in the NFL, perhaps you’ve heard of him? He plays for the Green Bay Packers, and was 2010 Super Bowl MVP (most valuable player), for leading the Green Bay Packers to a winning Super Bowl XLV. If you were in attendance you could have shaken the hand of the chiropractor (and father) of the kid from Chico California that went on to win the Super Bowl.

Chiropractic Neurologist Dr. Ted CarrickChiropractic Neurologist Dr. Ted Carrick speaking at the CCA Annual Convention

Speaking of football, here’s a photograph of chiropractic neurologist, Dr. Ted Carrick, he was one of the speakers teaching continuing education on Saturday. During his two-part session on chiropractic neurology, Dr. Carrick shared numerous videos of pro athletes (for example hockey players) utilizing exercises he taught them while under his care. Up until just recently, Dr. Carrick worked at the Functional Neurology Center at Life University.

Chiropractor Gilles LamarcheGilles LaMarche, DC

Here’s a photo of chiropractor Gilles LaMarche taken during lunch on Saturday. I am thankful chiropractors pause during their conversations to allow me to take photographs, not everybody is used to having the chiropractic paparazzi following them around at seminars. Dr. LaMarche spoke on Friday, covering a 1 1/2 hour presentation on Evolution in Chiropractic, he has great energy.

Dr. Dan Gambino and Kim GambinoDr. Dan Gambino and Kim Gambino

I love seeing chiropractic friends at conferences. I’ve known Dr. Dan Gambino and Kim Gambino for several years now, but I’m used to seeing them on the East Coast at New Beginnings, even though I’ve seen them a few times now on the West Coast. Once practicing chiropractic in West Virginia, Dr. Dan Gambino now practices in San Diego, California. He is one of several chiropractors that has volunteered to help keep Santa Claus subluxation free during the Christmas holiday season. Fortunately for Dr. Gambino, Santa Claus always makes a stop in San Diego, but I don’t know if that’s before or after he visits Los Angeles. Either way, we have Santa’s back.

OK folks, more photos coming in another post.

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Joining the CCA Evolution of Chiropractic in California

June 4th, 2013
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The 2013 CCA Annual Convention & Exposition took place this past weekend in San Diego, California. It was another successful chiropractic event held on the West Coast. The conference attracted a worldwide chiropractic audience for three days of fellowship and continuing education. Chiropractors are shaking things up in the state of California and CCA wants you to join the evolution.

The opening session on Friday, May 31st featured college presidents from three California chiropractic colleges. Doctors Brian Kelly (Life Chiropractic College West), William Meeker (Palmer College of Chiropractic West), and John Scaringe (Southern California University of Health Sciences) were all up on stage, with moderation by former Life West president Dr. Gerald Clum. The event was a call for immediate action and co-powered leadership to inspire growth and innovation in the state of California. The 3 California chiropractic presidents shared their visions and urged chiropractors to join forces in sparking a transformation required to build momentum and strengthen a sustainable movement in our chiropractic future.

High energy presentations continued throughout the day, with continuing education courses being taught by chiropractic leaders such as Drs. Leslie Hewitt, Gilles Lamarche, Patrick Gentempo, Eric Plasker, and Tedd Koren.

Chiropractic Neurologist Dr. Ted Carrick
Chiropractic Neurologist Dr. Ted Carrick

Chiropractors receiving continuing education were wowed by presentations such as "Neurology for the Practicing Chiropractor" taught by Chiropractic Neurologist Dr. Ted Carrick. Dr. Carrick lectured in the morning and in the afternoon, and the room was packed with chiropractors. Neurology based chiropractic was also taught by Dr. Richard Barwell and chiropractic care for children was taught by Dr. Claudia Anrig. The most difficult choice for chiropractors was which room to be in, as numerous presentations were taught in similar time slots. However, chiropractors couldn't go wrong, as top-notch presentations were provided in every room.

As I mentioned in the 2013 CCA Convention recap, continuing education hours for chiropractors in the state of California have recently changed from 12 hours to 24 hours, with 2 mandated hours of Ethics & Law, and 4 mandated hours in any one or combination of the following topics: Adjustive Technique, History Taking & Physical Examination, Proper and Ethical Billing & Coding.

For chiropractors practicing in states other than California, the CCA Annual Conventions typically offer approved chiropractic continuing education hours for Idaho, Hawaii, Arizona, South Dakota and Nevada. As a practicing chiropractor that frequently travels out-of-state for conferences, I've found it's always a good idea to know what courses are covered for continuing education in my state.

I'm looking forward to seeing my chiropractic colleagues at the 2014 CCA Annual Convention in San Diego, I've been told the event will again take place at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa in Mission Bay, California. See you there!

2013 CCA Convention and Expo Recap

June 3rd, 2013

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The California Chiropractic Association hosted another spectacular event in San Diego this past weekend. The 2013 CCA Convention & Expo took place at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa in Mission Bay (near Sea World). While the temperatures outside were cool, the energy inside the conference rooms was hot (you know I love that chiropractic energy). CCA did a terrific job in ensuring that this event was a successful one, I was excited to hear that we’ll be returning to San Diego in 2014. California chiropractors are fired up!

Chiropractors at CCA 2013 Convention & Expo

Saturday morning began with 7 quick motivational talks by seven different enthusiastic chiropractors. In the above photo (from left to right) are Drs. Patrick Gentempo, Matt Hubbard, Leslie Hewitt, Brian Stenzler, Grace Syn, Ted Carrick and Jason Deitch. The convention began on Thursday and went through till Sunday, with a packed room of chiropractors attending x-ray classes on Sunday morning.

Over the days I spoke with chiropractors from Ventura County, San Diego County, the San Fernando Valley, San Bernardino County, the Sacramento Valley, Riverside County, Kern County, and the High Desert, and everyone was in agreement. There’s something special going on in the world of chiropractic in the state of California. Not only was there free continuing education provided for CCA members (thanks to conference sponsors), there was plenty of discussion (both from the platform and among attendees) of vertebral subluxation, and I liked what I heard.

Well Beyond Medicine by Dr. Darrell Crain

I was excited to see former classmates like Dr. Darrell Crain (longtime author on Planet Chiropractic), who has recently published a book titled Well Beyond Medicine. It’s available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions. I’d recommend you order a copy (I do not receive payment for any sales of this book).

I’ve said it so many times before, fellowship with your colleagues is critically important, I find it stimulates and motivates us to continue on with purpose. We get more done working together as a team, then we do as individuals. Speaking of teams, I remember when Dr. Kevin Joe (who I only got to see briefly this year) told me there was a team of chiropractors that had chartered a bus for the 2010 CCA Convention in Reno, Nevada. I heard that was fun. While the 2010 and 2011 conventions in Reno were a good time too, I prefer seeing Dr. Joe and everyone else in San Diego.

Last year’s 2012 CCA Convention was a joint effort with Parker Seminars and it was held at the same location in San Diego. I still have a CCA Parker Seminars Flickr photo set available for viewing online. I really, really, really liked the speakers at this year’s 2013 event. I look forward to hearing who’s going to be speaking in 2014. That’s where I’ll be getting my CE hours (chiropractors make sure you receive credit for classes you attend).

Effective June 1, 2013 and after, chiropractors in the state of California are now required to receive 24 hours of continuing education, which made the timing of this conference perfect for many chiropractors renewing their licenses later this year.

Thank you to the sponsors, thank you to the CCA, and thank you to the chiropractors who attended. It was great seeing such an enthusiastic group of people on the West Coast. Bring a friend and see you all next year!

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A Magnificent Bonfire of Love at Dynamic Essentials

May 31st, 2013
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The next Dynamic Essentials will be in Atlanta Georgia the weekend of August 1, 2013. I've written numerous times about the importance of attending Dynamic Essentials (DE), I began attending while still a chiropractic student in Los Angeles, in the 1990s. This is a place for chiropractors to be. Flights to Atlanta are easy from nearly every city in the USA, the international airport features numerous direct flights. The following is sourced from the DE staff, they would appreciate if you would share it with others.

Dear DE Doctor,

"These are the times that try men's souls." This statement was made by Thomas Paine more than 200 years ago, a few months after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, when this great nation was in its infancy. It was a time when men had to take a stand for what they believed.

In the past three centuries-nothing has changed. Men must still stand up and be counted-especially chiropractors. Because of the persecution and prejudice that has been our lot in the past, doctors of chiropractic have needed an inner strength to overcome a multitude of obstacles-they have fought a good fight and the major battles have been won-but there must not be a cessation of vigilance or effort. The struggle for freedom must be constant.

Chiropractors Sharon Gorman and Dean Sottile
Chiropractors Sharon Gorman and Dean Sottile, 2 long-time DE attendees and speakers

The basic ingredient of freedom is dependent upon individual effort. One man, inspired, can change the world. That is what Dynamic Essentials is all about. When kindred hearts gather, they kindle the innate fire in each other and the result is a magnificent bonfire of love. At DE, one can learn to put on the armor of love and dedication to mankind-to overcome one's faults and learn the true source of happiness and fulfillment-service to others.

Come join us at DE (Dynamic Essentials Atlanta Georgia August 2013). You will discover inner strength and capabilities you never dreamed you possessed. You will learn to turn on the dynamic source of energy which will change your life and all with whom you come in contact.

A man who is merely financially successful can become a spiritual "zombie." As his bankroll increases so does his dissatisfaction with life. Selfish materialistic goals can turn a man into a "Midas." A sense of purpose and knowledge of one's usefulness to others can bring success in all the facets of living.

Many doctors have testified to the dramatic change in their lives after attending DE. Hear them speak at DE, as well as Dr. Sid (video). Become acquainted with these highly successful dynamic men and women. Begin what could be a life changing experience now. No need to struggle along for five or ten years. Take the DE express "elevator" to the top of your profession NOW! Register for the August 1-4 meeting being held at Atlanta's Embassy Suites Centennial Olympic Park Hotel. Call 770-438-9949 or register online at

Sincerely, DE Staff

"True sacrifice is to give of yourself and what you believe in." - Dr. Sid E. Williams

Source: Dynamic Essentials

Chiropractic Continuing Education Green Books Study with Harold George

May 31st, 2013
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Continuing education is something all practicing chiropractors in the United States are required to do. Opportunities for continuing education are numerous, with weekend chiropractic seminars taking place (typically near airports) throughout the United States. Like most chiropractors, if it's the month of my birthday, I will seek out what education is nearby, but for several years now I've been getting my hours months in advance. Thanks to Planet Chiropractic Seminars I get to see lists of events taking place across the country, and I'm really glad I chose the green books education class during Sherman Lyceum with Dr. Harold George.

The Major Premise with Dr. Skip George
The Major Premise with Dr. Skip George

Something I really admired about the continuing education being provided at 2013 Sherman Lyceum was that there were courses like the one being taught by Dr. Harold George. His three-hour continuing education class was focused on appreciating the importance in understanding the Green Books in relation to providing chiropractic care to patients.

Harold George, D.C., L.C.P., D.Ph.The program taught by Dr. George reviewed the 33 Principles and how they relate in today's lifestyles. He asked... Should the Principles be changed to the current language of today? Are the B. J. Palmer Green Books dogma, or are they still representing the foundation of today's chiropractic practice?

A philosophical discussion of chiropractic concepts in patient care took place in the classroom, which included old-time chiropractors and about to graduate chiropractic students. We could have spent the entire day discussing Stephenson's major premise... A Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.

These are the types of continuing education classes I'd like to see offered by those that teach chiropractic continuing education. The classroom was full and the interaction was strong, I believe every chiropractor in attendance left with a better understanding of chiropractic philosophy and its relationship to providing care in today's world.

For a chiropractor in the state of California, traveling to South Carolina may seem like a stretch for receiving continuing education, but in my opinion it is worth it. Always check to see that the courses you are going for have approval for re-licensing hours in your state. The state of California has this year increased the number of hours to 24 hours per year from 12 hours per year, and this weekend I will be at the 2013 California Chiropractic Association Annual Convention, receiving even more hours of continuing education. I actually love this stuff.

Lordex Spinal Decompression Table With RX-1 Lumbar Rehab

May 31st, 2013
Lordex Spinal Decompression Table with RX-1 Lumbar Rehab Machine. $18,000 OBO. Excellent condition. Located in South Georgia. Buyer pays shipping.

Beautiful Modern Wellness Center AVailable

May 31st, 2013
We are a modern wellness center with 2 rooms available for a chiropractor to have their own practice renting space on a commission basis.

Besides a health food store, we offer these wellness services in conjunction with chiropractic: massage, nutritional counseling, thermography, acupuncture, and colon cleansing

Call to see if this is what you’re looking for!

Chiropractor Needed in Columbia AREA, MD

May 31st, 2013
Chiropractor Needed in Columbia AREA, MD
$1,200 a week; paid malpractice, health insurance, holidays, and vacation. Please call Dr. D for more information at 1-800-501-6111.

Gonstead Adjusting Table Sets – Hylo

May 31st, 2013
Two Gonstead Sets available.
Includes hylo, pelvic bench, knee-chest table, and cervical chair.
Hylo includes break-away chest, elevating pelvic piece, adjustable ankle rest, tilting and elevating head piece. In green and burgundy.
Upholstery is worn on the burgundy hypo, but all pieces are in great condition.
Both sets can be purchased together or pieces can be sold individually. Selling both sets (8 pieces) for $2600.
Will deliver (as set only) within ~100 miles of Vancouver, B.C.
Email for more photos.

Modern Wellness Center needs a Chiropractor!

May 31st, 2013
We are a modern wellness center with 2 rooms available for a chiropractor to have their own practice renting space on a commission basis.

Besides a health food store, we offer these wellness services in conjunction with chiropractic: massage, nutritional counseling, thermography, acupuncture, and colon cleansing

Call to see if this is what you’re looking for!

Great Opportunity

May 31st, 2013
Looking for an ambitious chiropractor who is looking to grow his own practice. Office is located in beautiful Indian Harbour Beach and you can build your own thriving practice with low overhead in a town with only a few chiropractors. This is a busy massage office which has offered chiropractic services for the last 2 years. If you are ambitious and would like to know more, email or call 321-474-9812.